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Zagg Slim Book: The Best iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case?


Today we’re gonna take a look at the Zagg Slim Book iPad Air 2 Bluetooth Keyboard case.It’s an ultra slim tablet keyboard and detachable case, (yes, I’m reading this right off of the box). LOL I’ve been in the market for a Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad Air 2, so I decided to give this…

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Apple TV Review Update


The Apple TV became a topic of discussion at the big Spring Forward Event this past week when the announcement came that HBO Now will be offered exclusively to Apple users for the first¬†4 months beginning in April. ¬† For just $14.99 per month you have the ability to “cut the cord” to your cable…

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Bose SoundLink Mini vs Beats Pill

bose-soundlinkmini-vs-beats-pill-01 (1)

Bose SoundLink Mini vs Beats Pill I’ve recently been in the market for a really good portable Bluetooth speaker that I could use when traveling. With all of the hype around Dr. Dre’s Beats Pill and the Bose SoundLink mini, I decided to try both in a head-to-head battle to see which one I would…

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