iPad and iPhone Apps

Apple Music Streaming App: The Essentials


Apple Music Streaming App Unless you’ve been living under a rock there’s no doubt you’ve heard about the Apple Music Streaming App. This is Apple’s newest venture that is geared towards conquering yet another field, this time the streaming music model, much like Spotify and Pandora. They tried it before with iTunes Radio but that turned…

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5 Best iPhone Photo Apps

best iphone photo apps

5 Best iPhone Photo Apps These are my picks for the 5 Best iPhone Photo Apps. Today’s smartphones and tablets come equipped with camera functions that would have cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a few short years ago.  But if you don’t install a top notch iPad or iPhone photo app, there’s no way you can…

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Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon Beatbox Using iPad App


Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon Beatbox Using iPad App Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon beatbox using the iPad App Loopy HD and gave the Tonight Show audience their rendition of Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock’s 1988 hit “It Takes Two”.  Jimmy Fallon proves once again that he has musical chops. The self proclaimed “classically trained…

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How To Use Siri On Your iPhone or iPad


How To Use Siri On Your iPhone or iPad This is a quick guide on how to use Siri on your iPad or iPhone.  In order to set up Siri on your iPhone or iPad, you’ve got to have at least an iPhone 4 or later or an iPad 3 or later with 3G Internet…

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Seven Cool iOS 8 Widgets


Seven cool iOS 8 widgets that you can access from your notification screen.   For those of you that don’t know, iOS notification center widgets allow you to easily access some of your favorite apps right from your notification center. To add iOS 8 widgets to your iPhone or iPad, just swipe down from the top…

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Top 5 iOS 8 Features You’ll Love!


There’s still quite a few things to celebrate with the new iOS 8 firmware.  Here are my Top 5 iOS 8 Features I think you’ll love! 1. Real-Time Voice Dictation This is a great improvement over the older iOS 7 iPhone voice dictation app, because now when you hit the microphone button next to the…

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Turn Your iPad Into Typewriter with Hanx Writer App


Turn Your iPad Into Typewriter with Hanx Writer App. While perusing the iTunes app store, I came across this cool iPad app called Hanx Writer.  The app is featured as an Editor’s Choice in the iTunes app store and the current version has over 700 ratings (as of this writing) with a 4.5 star average.  The app…

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