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Apple Music Streaming App: The Essentials


Apple Music Streaming App Unless you’ve been living under a rock there’s no doubt you’ve heard about the Apple Music Streaming App. This is Apple’s newest venture that is geared towards conquering yet another field, this time the streaming music model, much like Spotify and Pandora. They tried it before with iTunes Radio but that turned…

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iPad Air vs iPad Air 2 Specs


iPad Air vs iPad Air 2 Specs Get ready for the ultimate smackdown of the century!! iPad Air vs. iPad Air 2 Specs. Two will enter the ring, only one will exit! In the battle some are calling, “Inevitable” and “Kind of not as big a deal as Nick is making it.” Who will be…

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5 Sexy Apple Watch Stands That Caught Our Eyes!

twelvesouth_hiriseapplewatch_dresser_hires (1)

Apple Watch Stands Ok, you’ve got your new Apple Watch. You’re hot stuff now, boy. Look at you. Notice that strut that you’re able to pull off now? Well, now it’s time to take it to the next level. You’ve got to put that watch on a pedestal. And by pedestal I mean an Apple…

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Easy iPhone Camera Tricks You Should Try Right Now


Easy iPhone Camera Tricks You Should Try Right Now Ok, let’s be honest with one another.  We use our “iPhone” as more of a camera than anything else and with the iPhone 6 camera’s ability to take such high quality photos, it’s not hard to understand why. But I’m willing to bet money on the…

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Which Apple Watch Should You Get?


The Apple Watch release is fast-approaching with an April 24th launch date and pre-orders starting around 12AM PST on April 10th. But before you head to the Apple store and wait on that never-ending line, I’m gonna make sure you have all the major info you need to help answer the big question: Which Apple Watch should…

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$100,000 Gold Apple Watch Version Launched By Brikk


Los Angeles-based company Brikk has recently announced their version of the premium Gold Apple Watch line. For you high-fashion types out there this is sure to pique your interest. The Lux Gold Apple Watch Version, which is built in 38mm and 42mm sizes can be purchased in 24 carat yellow gold, 18-carat pink gold and…

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